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Top Ten Style Tips for Men
Posted by Bob on 2009-04-01 (
Category : Fashion & Style | Tags : men, style tips

We recently got our hands on Esquire Magazine’s “Handbook of Style” - a cool little black book with loads of information, advice and style rules for men. We like it - and can definitely recommend it as a suplement to closely following The Proper Blog. Just remember - rules are made to be broken, so do your own thing. Here are the top ten tips the book provides (and our thoughts)

1.) Know your neck size - you should be able to fit one finger between your collar and neck when buttoned up.

Yes - without a doubt. Sleeve length is helpful to. You should know these. If you don’t, drop by Proper Cloth and we’ll take your measurements for you.

2.) A tie’s stripes should always be bolder than a shirts.

This is pretty sound advice. Of course there are exceptions to this rule though. But, if you find yourself always being the exception, then please double check if you are dressing like an idiot.

3.) It’s ok to not wear socks in summer, but only if you give your sweaty shoes a break every other day.

Ok, this one left us speechless followed quickly by WTF? I never understood the attraction of wearing sneakers without socks- but do what you want - at least until it starts smelling.

4.) An invitation saying “black-tie optional” means you can choose between a black tie (tuxedo) and a suit, but it really means black tie.

We generally disagree with this - but it depends on what sort of parties you’re going to. In business school we had several formal “black-tie optional” affairs and at all of them, it was often a minority wearing tuxedos. Depending on your age and the caliber of events you go to, there’s a good chance you don’t really need a tux - but - of course, it doesn’t hurt.

5.) Know the nuances of khaki pants - don’t roll up the cuffs to your calves like clam diggers unless you are actually digging for clams.

No comment. We don’t wear khakis, we don’t dig for clams and we don’t roll our pants up.

6.) Never put eyewear, your cell phone, an ink pen, or a bulging key chain in your pants pockets.

Hold on! Are you serious? We understand that having stuff bulging out of your pockets can be distracting and unappealing, but there’s NOTHING wrong with having your cell phone in your pocket! Those clip-on-your-belt cell phone holders are so nerdy looking.

7.) There are three proper ways to tie your shoes: straight laced, criss-cross, and over-under.

Ummm - who really cares?

8.) Your wallet is for credit cards only - cash goes in a money clip in your front pocket.

I had never heard this before - always thought that men simply had the option of money clip or wallet… turns out we need both… What’s so bad about putting cash in the wallet anyways? If you have ideas about this, please share them.

9.) The five terms your barber will understand are thinned out, layered, choppy, razored, and texturized.

Unless your barber is a man in china-town that doesn’t speak English…

10.) It is acceptable to wear your jeans five to ten times between washings - but fewer if they get visibly dirty or baggy at the knee.

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