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Henry Cavill Interview ó Exclusive
Posted by Bob on 2009-04-02 (
Category : Celebrity Interviews | Tags : Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill
JJ: Which TV shows do you follow? Do you play any computer games?

HC: I like Dexter a lot. I also really liked Battlestar Galactica. Iím also a big fan of watching the History Channel and National Geographic. As for PC games, Iíve played World of Warcraft a lot in the past, Eve Online is my favorite presently. Thatís something Iíve gotten quite sucked into.

JJ: What was your biggest splurge since becoming an actor?

HC: I just bought a car, so that will be the biggest one. I got an Aston Martin DBS. It was one of those things that just ended up happening, like, ďRight, okay, just treat yourself.Ē

JJ: What was the last concert you went to?

HC: Concerts are good fun and all, but I havenít been to a concert in years. Iíd rather go to a small gig in a very small place, rather than stand at a concert. Thereís the obvious problems at a concert - like if you want to get a drink, it takes half an hour to get to the drink stand, half an hour to get a drink, and then half an hour to get back. By then, youíve finished your drink and you need to go back again! (laughs)

(Click inside to continue reading Henry Cavillís interviewÖ)

JJ: You have a new movie coming out called Whatever Works. What was it like being directed by Woody Allen?

HC: Fantastic! I think we shot in May last year in New York. I had heard a lot of scary rumors beforehand about him. I was naturally a little bit nervous, but I found the opposite to be true. He would communicate his thoughts exactly and very accurately to give actors to work with; he was very enjoyable to work with. And also, his style was very different as well, so I got to step out of my comfort zone and stretch myself a little bit.

He tends to shoot a sort of hyper-realism: instead of people talking like they do in the movies, theyíll talk as in every day life. Such as, when youíre having a conversation with someone, the other person would make listening noises and jump on the end of your sentences and start talking. All that kind of stuff was often done in one or two set-ups. With a four page scene, that can often make you sweat a little bit, because if you mess up your lines once, you could possibly mess up the scene. So it was definitely a different acting experience, and a very enjoyable one.

He often says beforehand, ĎI know thereís a lot of dialogue here, so if you start to forget your lines, just improvise. Just go with it, as long as youíre running along the same line.í Itís great; heíll often give you a bit of leeway because the nature of it is supposed to be realistic. I believe thatís what he does brilliantly - sort of a window into real life. So yes, he does allow for freedom.

JJ: Whatís your character like in the movie?

HC: Heís an English acting student in New York who has fallen head over heels in love with the lead. He pursues her doggedly with the help of her mother, surprisingly enough. Itís not an enormous role by any means.

JJ: You had a kissing scene with Evan Rachel Wood?

HC: Goodness, I believe there may have been a kiss? Nothing passionate, there was no tearing of the clothes like there was in Tudors Season 1. It was more of a sweet, romantic attraction.

JJ: Is it completely unsexy to film romantic/kissing scenes with everyone watching you, the lights and the cameras?

HC: This is tough to explain. As an actor and when youíre working and doing kissing/romantic scenes, you try and get your feelings there as much as you can so that you can give off the right energy to the audience and into the camera. But at the same time, it is acting. There are other things going through your mind where, normally in those kinds of situations, the only thing thatís on your mind is the person that youíre with.

JJ: When you were filming in NYC, where did you like to kick back?

HC: I was staying in the Bryant Park Hotel, and thereís bar underneath the hotel, the Cellar Bar, where I tended to spend a lot of time just because it was right downstairs and very easily accessible.

JJ: Can you tell us about your other film, War of the Gods?

HC: Itís been delayed and still sitting in pre-production. Hopefully weíll start shooting after Tudors finishes. The script is still being re-written but as it stands, the character is a fairly angry man. Angry because he feels like heís been dealt with unfairly throughout life, and has taken on fairly aggressive qualities. Heís still a good man, and still fairly self-aware, but I think heís peeved at the world. Peeved is a light word to use, there. To sum it up, [director Tarsem Singh] describes it perfectly. Itíll be [Italian artist] Caravaggio meets Fight Club.

JJ: Tudors premieres this Sunday, is there anything else youíd like to say about it?

HC: Iíve seen four episodes so far, and I think itís the best weíve done. I really hope everyone enjoys it!

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